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In the light of the “Deathcrusher” tour, NAPALM DEATH have just released a new Split 7” EP together with labelmates VOIVOD featuring the new VOIVOD track “Forever Mountain” as well as NAPALM DEATH’s exclusive track “Phonetics For The Stupefied”. This special vinyl-only release is limited to 2.500 copies in the following versions/colours:

Black: 1200 copies (CM Distro Europe / USA)
Solid White: 300 copies (CM Mailorder USA)
Transparent Red: 700 copies (CM USA)
Neon Yellow: 300 copies (Only available from the bands at the Deathcrusher tour!)

The Split 7” comes with classy artwork (both bands have an A side with own artwork!) created by VOIVOD drummer Michel “Away” Langevin and can be ordered here: